About Us

The annual Grand Rapids Foodie Fest and its themed monthly events are mouth-watering, family friendly experiences that are brought to Grand Rapids in order to showcase the diversity, talent, and tasty-eats that local food vendors, food trucks, and merchant vendors have to offer.

These events are presented to you by Where AT Foundation, an entertainment company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, whose focus is to bring the spotlight on those in the food industry within the community. Where AT Foundation hosts monthly events in addition to hosting the Grand Rapids Foodie Fest, with the goal of creating a space to connect the community while discovering new foods and networking with other chefs and business owners.

More specifically, Where AT Foundation aims to keep your stomach full and satisfy your cravings at affordable prices! The specialty of this event is having the taste and style of West Michigan, while also enhancing your experience by having entertainment present such as live performances, activities, giveaways, and much more! 

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