Grand Rapids Foodie Fest

2022 Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

Where AT Foundation understands the economical impact of community growth and development by bringing specific inspirations to the City of Grand Rapids. Through their events, they strive to assist in the continuation of generating revenue and bringing the spotlight to local food businesses, retail and non-retail businesses, and corporations from the city, as well as creating a family-friendly experience for all age groups and backgrounds. 


Where AT Foundation brings themed events that are family-friendly to the City of Grand Rapids. These events consist of a day of great eats finely curated by food vendors and/or food trucks, uniquely crafted products and/or services by retail or non-retail merchant vendors, a plethora of different activities for attendees of all ages to enjoy, raffles for specific giveaways, and much more. It is the foundation’s goal to grow in popularity and to welcome the community to participate in safe, fun, and enticing events each month of the year. 


Where AT Foundation brings the Grand Rapids Foodie Fest to Downtown Grand Rapids for a three-day Food Fest that features live entertainment and activities for the entirety of the event. As one of the newest Food Festivals held in West Michigan, the schedule of the event includes live performances, a craft beer and liquor tent, activities for all ages to enjoy, and much more. It is the foundation’s goal to grow in popularity and to welcome crowds of over 15,000 every Fourth of July Weekend!

Where AT Foundation is always seeking sponsors! If you would like to sponsor any of the fun-filled, enticing, and outstanding events, there are a plethora of sponsorship options available! 

The Foundation would like to welcome you to check out the available opportunities for different types of sponsorships, which is listed below. This includes mass advertising on digital billboards throughout the city, radio station recognition, and much more.


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